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DIPLOMATIC combines competences from the fields of press and media, book editions in the field of non-fiction and specialist books as well as high-quality products and services for a demanding circle of readers and users. The “Diplomatic” stands for proximity to the diplomatic corps and its solid political, economic and social sphere.

diplomatic PRESSE

Press Agency & Media

DIPLOMATIC’s press agency, publishing services and, last but not least, its own and cooperative media form the focal points of its press and media activities. We allow ourselves the luxury to go on our own and sometimes unusual ways in order to offer our readers the best possible information. For this purpose we develop innovative solutions and strategies. 



News, stories, features and interviews for editorial use exclusively or for secondary exploitation for domestic and foreign media. Furthermore, here lies the responsibility for our confidential information services in various subject areas with indispensable information for top decision-makers.

DPS PublishingServices

Modular Magazin Media Kit

Build your own magazine from completed modular content, also as a supplement or as an add-on supplement for existing media or corporate publishing. In several subject areas as a one-off service or as a subscription. Or use our licensing system right away. 


Unusual and informative

The media of DIPLOMATIC all have one thing in common: they are unusual and innovative. The media with the title designation or additional designation “diplomatic” appear in co-operation with the Diplomatic Council of KTP, who is also owners of the title rights. Apart from these we also publish media in cooperation with our owner organisation and other specialist partners. KTP ,

diplomatic EDITION

Sach- und Fachbücher mit Kompetenz  

In the EDITION non-fiction and specialist books on thematic focal points in relation to our media are published, usually in a multimedia combination. Our top magazines are also published as part of the edition as books form and with corresponding high-quality equipment. 

At DIPLOMATIC there appears one of the most exclusive and expensive periodic book series ever. Next to these, we also publish authors who "have something to say" and whose statements and opinions can be controversially discussed. 

Edition series x-diplomatic

Non-fiction books on topics of our time and the future 

Our world needs solutions to many problems, both overall and in detail. The authors of this series of editions are thought leaders, but do not stick to theoretical statements, but also offer concrete solutions.

Edition series y-diplomatic

Non-fiction and reference books on security and defence 

This series of books highlights aspects of international security and deals with the armed forces. The main focus is on the German and European perspective without foregoing critical-constructive debate. 

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Edition series 7IEBEN

The magazine as a book

The exclusive magazine 7IEBEN appears in three different editions, the black, the red and the golden one. With its remarkable content, it is worth presenting timelessly in book form.

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Editionsreihe 7IEBENWERK

In touch with people on the spot

The themes come from the regions and show people in their environment and at work. They are presented in stories and portraits, which are combined into a book and also represent a document of the time.

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Editionsreihe TREEEC

The editions of the cooperative magazines 

In cooperation with TREEEC, non-fiction and specialist books on various topics are published in conjunction with the cooperative magazines edited by DIPOLMATIC. Some of these magazines also appear in book form. 

Editionsreihe KX

The special books

Every single book in this book series is something special and conveys something particularly valuable. It is intended for only one reader, and only that reader can buy it. If he (or she) renounces it, it will be irretrievably destroyed.