The media with the designation diplomatic appear in cooperation with the Diplomatic Council of KTP, which is also the owner of the title rights. The media with the designation / additional designation “TREEEC” appear in cooperation with “TREEEC” of KTP, which are also owners of the title rights.



The exclusive magazine 7IEBEN is published in three different editions, the black, the red and the golden. With its remarkable contents it is worth to be presented timelessly in book form.

Black Edition

7IEBEN gives overviews and insights beyond the ordinary and everyday. With its three different editions, 7IEBEN meets the information needs of its selected readers in a special way and also fulfils their claim to exclusivity. The Black Edition is dedicated four times a year to a special and significant topic. The focus is always on people who are reported on and asked for their opinion. The reader gets insights beyond the usual information. The annual special edition contains the biographies of selected personalities and a calendar section with the most important diplomatic, political, economic and cultural events of the following year. The edition amounts to 7,700 copies in the format 210 x 280 mm in complex firm bokkbinding.

Red Edition

The Red Edition provides access to more exclusive information with “Distinguished Excellence”. With its circulation of 3,000 copies and an additional 333 limited “artist's copies”, The Red Edition is aimed exclusively at leading personalities who are particularly qualified and recommended as readers. Three consecutive issues each form a thematically linked “sequence”. The format of 570 x 400 mm and their elaborate firm binding alone make them something special. Texts, photos and layout are accordingly.

Golden Edition

The Golden Edition provides information and opportunities intended exclusively for personalities with great wealth and influence on the economy. It is incomparable with other media in its type and execution and goes far beyond that, alone in terms of “3-dimensionality” and individualisation for each individual recipient. The four partial editions form an annual edition and a closed cycle. The Golden Edition can only be awarded to personalities who are already on a positive list and who, in addition to their material status and influence, also exhibit a high level of moral integrity. The print run is 300 copies, of which 30 are limited special artistic copies.




Magazine for People & Economy

7IEBENWERK with its theme series focuses on the people who do business and get things going, in stories, portraits and interviews. We report on the discoverers, founders, doers, movers and shakers, experts, networkers and the artists of life. In 7IEBENWERK, with the TOP 7 and TOP 77 lists, we provide an additional useful overview and recommendations on many things that can be evaluated and ranked in connection with the economy and its decision-makers.



y-diplomatic – “der militärattaché”

The magazine for security and defence

y-diplomatic is a magazine for background information, analysis, overview, comments and opinions on security and defence. With a high degree of practical relevance, it brings German points of view closer to international readers and international points of view closer to German readers in the light of their security interests. y-diplomatic takes a critical and constructive look at the Bundeswehr and takes the view that the security of Germany is guaranteed within the European Union, the alliances and the international security structure and that the soldiers of our armed forces can serve in a modern, well-equipped and efficient army.



RES:Q professional

RES:Q professional is a medium beyond the usual trade magazines. The social and political discourse as well as the discourse in the economy in general and in particular about safety, health, protection, help and rescue is just as much a subject as problem situations and problems in these areas and their existing or possible solutions. In addition people with factual and decision authority as well as opinion leaders are portrayed and questioned and generally come to word. Together with the information service "RES:Q confidential" for institutional members of TREEEC, the magazine is also the official newsletter of the organisation.

RES:Q Journal

For your personal safety and health

The RES:Q Journal will be published in spring 2020 and deals with the risks and dangers we face in all areas of life. RES:Q focuses on the personal safety and well-being of individuals and their families in all areas. The journal asks questions and gives answers and is the mouthpiece of RES:Q in public. Readers are also increasingly involved. As risk scouts and reader reporters, they contribute to supporting lively and always up-to-date reporting.

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The magazine for the new economy

BIZpaper was created from a newsletter and is published as a PDF and ePaper magazine for the members of TREEEC who are associated with the BIZfactory area. It reports about projects within the BIZfactory community and introduces initiators and doers. In addition, there are all kinds of interesting and useful things for the bizzers. Furthermore, in cooperation with TREEEC and DIPLOMATIC Media, special BIZpaper editions in book form are published, which deal comprehensively with a special topic, that is always related to start-ups and young economy. The editions are also available in bookshops or can be ordered directly from our website. Soon we will offer the possibility to order subscriptions at a reduced price.